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Debunking the Common Myths about Travel Nursing

Mohamed Basha
RN CMC Founder and CEO of TLC Nursing Association
Updated November 22, 2023

Travel nursing is a great way to accomplish your passion for serving others in the field of medicine as well as do something that excites you (traveling). But, you may have heard some myths and concepts about this healthcare service. If these false ideas and myths are stopping you from chasing your dream job, you have come to the right place. Spare a few minutes to clear the air surrounding travel nursing.

Myth#1: My Resume Will Not Make Impression Due To Clump of Assignments
The ideal length of a resume is one to two pages, and lengthy resumes often fail to impress the recruiters. However, that’s not always the case. Resume with lots of experience helps form an impression and build your image in front of others, especially in the case of healthcare institutions. They know that multiple assignments mean that you are successful in your profession. You have more experience, the capability to work in different circumstances, the flexibility to work for additional hours, and high compatibility with patients because of travel nursing.
Not only will traveling agencies be willing to give you opportunities, but also hospitals who want permanent staff will get ready to hire you because of your experience. As a travel nurse, you can avail of a chance to give your services to university medical centers, magnet hospitals, and other prestigious healthcare facilities.

Myth#2: You May Become a Target of Permanent Staff
Most health facilities hire travel nurses to cut down the burden of work from the shoulders of permanent staff that has been working day and night. Moreover, most staff nurses welcome traveling nurses with open arms, as they get helping hands in their job. The first day of travel nurse in any institution is the same as of anybody else; the more you help your fellow workers and keep a friendly attitude, the more quickly you get adjusted with your new team.
This way, not only you complete your job up to the mark, but also your colleagues will miss you when you leave the facility. However, if you feel your assignment didn’t go well and you faced difficulty in that, understand that it happens. You can tell your recruiter what you are looking for in your next assignment.

Myth#3: You Can’t Earn Well As Travel Nursing
If you are passionate about working hard and ready to consider multiple assignments, then you can definitely get a rewarding and steady career. Not to mention, many individuals are giving their services as a travel nurse for years. This field allows you to pick the place for the job. You can opt for the one that pays higher and has lower living expenses.
To extend your opportunities, band together with the agencies that open nationwide opportunities for you, such as TLC Nursing. This way, you have more locations as well as facilities to choose from. Moreover, make sure that your recruiter understands your priorities and supports you while you are in the field.

Myth#4: You Will Not Be Eligible For Company Benefits
Well, no need to say, it’s a myth. You will receive the company benefits that your staffing company offers. As a nurse of TLC Nursing, you will be entitled to the benefits package, qualified for high income, and get other incentives such as free housing and traveling.
Not to mention, you can choose your assignments and have a flexible schedule. It’s your call whether you want to work until you sweat or work a couple of hours just to increase experience. If you want some break, you are always permitted to take time off.
This means you are eligible for every benefit and opportunity the other permanent healthcare providers enjoy. Plus, you can also receive other advantages that they don’t usually have, such as free traveling.

Myth#5: Every Agency Is Giving Same Jobs
It depends on your staffing agency. Some agencies don’t have a reach to many healthcare facilities and departments. This is why they only give assignments of a particular aspect to every nurse. However, there are others whose range is broader. They provide you different assignments for various facilities. You have more access to numerous travel nursing jobs, and you can even choose from them. These agencies are also willing to consider your priorities because they can arrange a job for you at any place.

Myth#6: Nurses Will Be Forced To Work at Agency’s Desired Places
People get fascinated with this because you have the facility to consider your priorities and requirements. Travel nursing allows you to pick your own assignments. For this, talk to your traveler recruiter, they will hunt for assignments that are best for you. Then you will have a choice whether you want to do it or not.
Once you get to agree, your recruiter will submit all your information to the employer, help you with the interview preparation, and review your contract details for your ease. After the procedure and if you accept the offer, the recruiter will assist you in traveling to your job and gives support during your whole assignment.

Myth#7: You Will Always Receive Assignment Far From Your Home
As you already know that a reputable and standard nursing agency always first looks into your interest. They want to know your priorities and wishes. Once you tell your preference, they look for assignments that you desire. Still, you have a choice to refuse if you are not satisfied.
These agencies value their traveling nurses, and this is why you can also ask for a job near your hometown or home. If they have an opportunity for you close to your home, they will set you there to give your services.

Bottom Line
Travel nursing is a great field and has so many opportunities for you than the permanent staff of medical healthcare. We hope this post has cleared a lot of misconceptions and answered your questions. So, don’t stay behind the curve and apply for your dream job today.