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What are the Best Traveling Healthcare Jobs?

Mohamed Basha
RN CMC Founder and CEO of TLC Nursing Association
Updated July 18, 2023
In Home Care services

Sometimes in the healthcare industry, a lot of nurses and doctors become tired of their daily grind. When that happens, most look for career changes. Well, if you are willing to hit the open road, meet new people, and sightsee new areas, then traveling healthcare jobs are for you. Depending on your skills, experience, and willingness to travel, these jobs can be fruitful in the end, more so than your current direct position. Here are the best traveling healthcare jobs.

Traveling Nurse

As a traveling nurse, there are a lot of opportunities. Between learning new skills, growing your network circle, and meeting new people, the pay can be a lot more when you travel rather than direct employment with a healthcare provider. Traveling nurses have a great advantage to work in multiple locations such as long-term care facilities, hospitals, and within the home. For agencies, nurses are much needed.

As a traveling nurse, you can expect many different perks, such as housing provided and paid, tax credits and breaks, and a higher-paying position. Also, seeing new locations, meeting new people, experiencing different cultures, and learning other skills is a big perk to being a travel nurse.

Traveling Medical Scribe

If you are looking for a traveling job still in the medical field while waiting for further your education, a medical scribe may be for you. If you are currently a medical scribe and looking for a new environment, traveling could be in the works for you. Also, there are opportunities to become a trainer for medical scribing, which would be an even more profitable opportunity if you travel.

Travel Physical Therapist

Traveling physical therapists are not as uncommon as you think. Many different therapists help out various departments in many hospitals, long term/short term facilities in occupational, speech and language pathologist, or any other therapy type job.

Most assignments can last between 13 to 26 weeks to cover leaves of absence, burnout, and staff shortages. The best part is that, if needed, breaks can be accommodated between assignments, which allows you to make your schedule. How amazing is that?

Locum Tenens Physician

If you are a medical student or already a physician, this may be best for you. The Latin term, Locum Tenens, means on hold or substitute, and that is precisely what these people do. They hold the place for physicians who are on leave or helping with a shortage gap. This is an excellent experience for medical students who are looking to gain skills for their resumes.

Pharmaceutical Sales Representative

This job allows flexibility in scheduling, seeing different locations, and helping various health care providers prescribe the best medications on the market.

The only hardship about this job is that sales can be complex.  They may already have a go-to drug to prescribe for other ailments. You need to change their minds. But with a few sales, traveling, and healthcare knowledge, there should be no issues getting the job done.

Social Work

Yes, even social workers can travel. Many of these jobs can be travel and remote positions where you get to set your schedule, which is always an ideal job for most. While providing guidance, and enlightenment in different situations, you get to meet, interact, and help new people, families, and patients. It is always good to know that you are helping people in recent locations.

Home Healthcare

All different nursing certifications can be a traveling home healthcare aide; from CNA to RN, this job is fruitful itself. There is money to be made here, plus meeting new people is always great. Plus, scheduling is flexible and assigning breaks between assignments.


There is a lot of money to be made, and other benefits are waiting to be claimed. Be sure to check out TLC Nursing for any travel nursing positions. They are knowledgeable, skillful, friendly, and they train! Check them out!