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Values Every Nurse and Nursing Assistant Must Cultivate

Updated November 22, 2023

Values Every Nurse and Nursing Assistant Must Cultivate

As professionals, a registered nurse in West Lebanon, New Hampshire, needs to observe a set of values. These values help make sure that the profession remains respectable and held to the highest of esteem by the general public.

There are five values that every applicant of nursing jobs in Vermont and anywhere else in the United States need to know about. These are compassion, trustworthiness, humility, accountability, and curiosity.

Compassion means every nurse and nursing assistant in South Burlington, Vermont, must be sensitive to the needs and sensibilities of not only the patient but also their families. Compassion is one of the reasons why the medical staff is not allowed to discuss patient prognosis in front of the person concerned, and only to the family.

If you cannot be trusted or relied on even the most menial of tasks, then you’re not fit to work in the medical industry as a
licensed practical nurse in Rutland, Vermont. You are in charge of someone’s life and well-being, hence you must be trustworthy.

Humility is a value that everyone should practice, not just by a health care assistant in Berlin, Vermont. You cannot be compassionate without being humble. It’s only by being humble that you can put your patients above yourself in the hospital.

Accountability means taking responsibility for everything that you do. If you make a mistake, own up to it. If someone makes a mistake in your watch, you must not tolerate it as bad behavior could spread.

Finally, every nurse and nursing assistant must be curious, but only in the context of their professional endeavors. Medicine is a science, and only by being curious can you hope to advance in your line of work.

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