Lara Relox

Assistant RC Supervisor

As Recruiter Coordinator, I am responsible for reaching out to suitable candidates, doing initial interviews, and processing their application forms. TLC Nursing’s mission is to cultivate meaningful relationships by bringing the best people together and I support this by building good relationships with my colleagues, appreciating their good work, and supporting them, especially the newcomers.

Being a newbie in a company can be challenging and takes a lot of adjustments but here at TLC Nursing, a sense of belonging will never be an issue. Employees are very cordial and sociable and will give you the assistance you need. I’ve been part of TLC since the fall of 2021 and I have successfully executed the required reports and exceeded the target needed, helping my team achieve our daily goal and the nurses needed in different facilities in just a few months.

I earned a Bachelor of Degree in Tourism and Resort Management at Cavite State University-Main Campus in Cavite. Go CVSU!