Janna Guillemette

Client Relations Manager

As the Client Relations Manager at TLC Nursing, I am responsible for onboarding all new travelers, as well as developing ongoing relationships with our travelers and facilities. I work to ensure our travelers and facility partners are happy with their TLC experience.

TLC Nursing’s mission is to cultivate meaningful relationships by bringing the best people together. I support our mission by creating a sense of home away from home for our travelers and a warm and welcoming environment based around effective communication for both our travelers and facility partners.

In 2010, I earned a bachelor’s degree in Business from Champlain College. After I graduated, I started my own business based out of Burlington, VT. I also help my husband run his family’s dairy farm, as well as our farm stand. I have always known that I never wanted to leave this state.

I have worked in customer relations for over 20 years. I believe I grew the most as a professional when I worked in hospitality. I have a passion for making others feel “at home,” while they are traveling and I am proud to represent Vermont and welcome everyone to our beautiful state.