Brittney Distasi

Travel Staff Recruiter

As the travel staff recruiter at TLC Nursing, I am responsible for recruiting, and maintaining relationships with my new and existing recruits. I strive to be an advocate for my recruits and work to find them the best possible contract matches. I want to provide a good support system for my recruits who are away from their families and loved ones. I want to make every travel contract a positive and meaningful experience for everyone who joins our team.

TLC Nursing’s mission is to cultivate meaningful relationships by bringing the best people together, and I support this by trying to find the most impassioned and hard-working individuals to join our team and TLC family.

In my previous career I worked as a dental hygienist at a Community Health Center, providing care to those in need. I earned my MBA in 2018 and joined the TLC family in October 2021. I am proud of what we’ve been able to accomplish since I’ve come on board, and I am excited to see where the future takes us.

When I am not at work, I love to be in the kitchen trying new recipes or I can be found outside playing with my two dogs.