How to Become a Travel LPN

What is an LPN? It is a licensed practical nurse. This is someone who is licensed to give care to someone who is ill or disabled. They provide primary nursing care to patients, whereas a registered nurse (RN) or certified nursing assistant (CNA) does more of the daily routines associated…

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The Joys of Becoming a Traveling Nurse

Besides all the wonderful assistance you’ll be giving the healthcare providers, there are other perks of becoming a travel nurse. Many nurses are flocking to these types of jobs between the freedom, traveling, and competitive pay to further their careers. When seeing and being a part of different healthcare facilities,…

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Self-Care Tips for Travel Nurses

Travel Nursing jobs in Vermont deal a lot. Nursing paired with traveling, there surely isn’t much time for relaxation and self-care. In fact, a study published by the Department of Health and Human Services shows that long hours and odd shifts, not only to travel nurses, may lead to poor…

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