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Ways to Prevent a Patient from Falling

Home care is a better way to care for elderly adults who require help. Furthermore, it is less of a worry for the loved ones whose lives are affected by the illness. The older adult gets to stay at home, but it is also convenient for the caregiver to go…

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5 Tips for First Time Traveling Nurses

Congratulations! You’ve received a job in one of the hottest industries out there today, which is traveling nurses. Traveling Nurses are needed more today than ever before; due to the shortage of nurses nationwide, most agencies are seeking knowledgeable nurses. With you joining this industry, you will be helping out…

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Vital Ways to Relax as a Travel Nurse

Travel nursing can be a stressful career. As with any job, there will be things you love and things you don’t love quite so much. From rotating shifts to frequent moves, working as a travel nurse, travel LPN, or travel CNA can, at times, take a toll on your mental…

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Healthy and Easy Snack Ideas for Travel Nurses

Healthy and Easy Snack Ideas for Travel Nurses
Travel nursing schedules can be demanding. You may be in the same place for days, weeks or months, depending upon your current and upcoming travel assignments. But living a life of travel and adventure doesn’t mean you need to give up on living a healthy lifestyle and eating nutritiously. Read on for some great tips and ideas for prepping, preparing, and enjoying some delicious snacks.

Hard-boiled eggs
Greek yogurt
Fruits and veggies

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