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Stay Healthy During the Holidays

Mohamed Basha
RN CMC Founder and CEO of TLC Nursing Association
Updated November 22, 2023
Stay Healthy During the Holidays

According to a registered nurse in West Lebanon, New Hampshire, anyone can easily get swept up in the holiday season. Family get-togethers and parties can increase cholesterol levels and strain the arteries since no one is probably interested in going on a diet or drinking plain water. How can one possibly do so when everyone is having a good time?

As per a licensed nursing assistant in South Burlington, Vermont, it’s possible to eat healthy during the holidays. If you’re in charge of cooking for the holiday dinner, you can opt to tweak typical holiday dishes to cut down on sugar and calories and improve the nutrients. That way, your love ones can enjoy their meal and receive nourishment at the same time, especially the senior family members. Otherwise, you can order dishes that have more salad and less fatty foods.

A licensed practical nurse in Rutland, Vermont said that you may think it’s a good idea to skip lunch or afternoon snacks because you need to prepare your belly for the holiday dinner. However, doing so can pose a problem with your blood sugar and may result in excessive eating and drinking.

As a provider for healthcare staffing services in Berlin, Vermont, we recommend you to have a well-balanced meal for breakfast and lunch and encourage your family members to do the same. This Christmas, you may want to grab a high-protein snack in the afternoon before heading to your holiday table.

As a nursing agency in South Burlington, Vermont and West Lebanon, New Hampshire, we urge families to take precautions during the holiday to avoid health risks. If you want to hire a professional healthcare staff or apply for nursing jobs in Vermont, please contact TLC Nursing Associates, Inc. today!