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Practical Tips for Long-Time Travel Nurses

Mohamed Basha
RN CMC Founder and CEO of TLC Nursing Association
Updated November 22, 2023
Practical Tips for Long-Time Travel Nurses

Travel nursing is an exciting and rewarding career path. As a traveling licensed practical nurse in Rutland, Vermont, you enjoy a unique lifestyle and great opportunities to help you advance in your career. Before you pack your bags and hit the ground running, here are some practical tips for long-time travel nurses:

    • Secure your own housingAn added benefit of travel nursing jobs in Vermont is having access to various housing accommodations provided by your agency. Depending on whether your agency covers the cost of housing or not, you can choose a more cost-efficient option or go for pricier accommodation if you plan on living with your colleagues.
    • Make the most out of your free timeAlthough you’re traveling for work, there’s still a lot you can do during your free time. As a licensed nursing assistant in South Burlington, Vermont, you can visit notable locations like the Shelburne Museum, look for deals at the Church Street Marketplace, or visit the Waterfront Park and Burlington Bike Path to enjoy nature.Another tip is to organize outings with colleagues from other locations like medical staff in West Lebanon, New Hampshire. This provides a great opportunity to mingle and meet each other halfway at popular tourist spots or nature trails.
    • Maintain state licensesAs a registered nurse in West Lebanon, New Hampshire, you will be assigned at different locations. Hence, it’s best to maintain multiple state licenses. Doing so in advance is key as some states require up to six months to process licensure documents.
    • Work with a reliable agencyFinding reliable healthcare staffing services in Berlin, Vermont supports you and your career. Agencies like TLC Nursing Associates, Inc. provide many perks and valuable resources to set you up for success as a traveling nurse.