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The Benefits of Singing for Seniors

Mohamed Basha
RN CMC Founder and CEO of TLC Nursing Association
Updated November 22, 2023
Music and Sing-Along Create Good Vibes in Seniors

Music can help improve a senior adult mood if they are at home or in a facility for senior home care in USA. Feel-good songs usually trigger positive responses in them. For instance, after listening idly for about ten to twenty minutes, they will start swaying and singing along with the tune that they hear.

According to a registered nurse in West Lebanon, New Hampshire, too much silence can be deafening to a senior adult because they tend to think about their current life situation and may end up getting all anxious. However, if there is music playing, it helps soothe their nerves and calm their senses.

Letting your senior loved one join you in a sing-along activity like karaoke, can cheer them up immensely. Of course, you need to ask them first about their musical preference and the title of the song that they want to sing so you can look it up for them.

One great thing about sing-alongs is that it enables your senior loved one to concentrate on the tune and the lyrics, making it a mind-stimulating activity. It can also trigger good memories of their youth.

If your senior loved one is recuperating in bed, you can setup a singing machine and connect it to a smart TV in the meantime so that whenever they feel like it, they can do a sing-along with you and the rest of the family members.

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