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How to Stand-Out as a Traveling Nurse: 7 Traits Recruiters and Employers Want

Updated July 18, 2023
In Home Care Services

Since there is an uptick in need for traveling nurses, there is a lot of qualified, knowledgeable talent on the market today. As a traveling nurse looking for an agency, you want to be sure that you stand out against the rest. Here are 7 traits that recruiters and employers are looking for in a candidate.

1.    Professionalism

Many facilities are looking for short-term or assignment-based RN’s, LPN’s, etc., to perform with ease and professionalism with the same standards as a permanent counter partner. When you demonstrate good listening skills, excellent communication skills, and can complete work, employers will hire you. When it comes to being a nurse, all those traits are needed when dealing with different patients. The best nurses listen and communicate with their patients to ensure that they are comfortable and trusting of us as their nurse. promptly

2.    Reliable and Trustworthy

Reliability is a significant trait that many of these traveling agencies are looking for. They do not want a nurse that receives an assignment and then ends up not holding their side of the bargain. When you receive an assignment, they are looking for a nurse at the location on time and performing all responsibilities. Also, the agency needs to trust its employees; they need to ensure that you are a trustworthy individual who will care for the patients and work well with other employees in foreign facilities without a problem.

3.    Ability to Learn and Grow Skills

Learning as much as you can be only going to further you in the traveling nursing industry. When you can pick up new skills, certifications, etc., you are more likely to receive better quality assignments from the agency. Agencies are more willing to trust you and your skills when you pick up and learn new skills to help you in the field.

4.    Attitude

Attitude is everything. And to be a traveling nurse, you need to have a great one. Agencies are looking for someone who has a sunny outlook on the situations they may run into. Having a negative employee at a facility or a home can only cause trouble. If the patients, family, and other employees feel that you have nothing but negative energy, that will get back to the agency. It will end up becoming harder to find quality assignments.

5.    Open Mind and Flexibility

As a traveling nurse, sometimes, you’re not sure what kind of assignment you will receive. You need to have an open mind on what you could be walking into. Not every assignment will be easy. Not every assignment will be challenging; you need to keep an open mind on the situations you may run into and flexibility in scheduling and what responsibilities may need to be performed. When agencies see that you are willing to bend for them and keep an open mind on specific assignments, they are more likely to put you on higher quality assignments.

6.    Comfortable with Change

As a traveling nurse, assignments can end in a day’s notice and could be reassigned just as quickly. You need to be comfortable with this type of change, especially with a change in scenery. You could be sent to many different places and different facilities where the rules are different. An agency is looking for someone that doesn’t hesitate to change; they jump at the opportunity of change and take it professionally.

7.    High-Tech Experiences

As technology grows, especially in hospitals, all RN’s, LPN’s and CNA’s learn new skills. Knowing the latest technology within a facility, you are more likely to be hired for high-quality assignments that require that knowledge. This is a hot commodity for agencies due to different assignments that a low percentage of their staff could only perform. The more talent they have to work other medical machines, the more assignments they can fulfill. Be sure to have these certifications and proof of experience within your portfolio and resume to ensure that the agencies see your skill sets.


Traveling nurses are a hot commodity that is highly needed within different facilities. But, there are many nurses out there that are looking for their next opportunity as a traveling nurse. To stand out from the crowd, you need to follow the qualifications and traits to ensure that you are hired. TLC Nursing is a fantastic agency that you can grow, learn, and experience a traveling nurse’s life while working with knowledgeable talent, intuitive scheduling staff, and receiving quality assignments.