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Elderly Care in West Lebanon, New Hampshire

TLC Academy

HIPAA Training by Alan Sousie, RN MEd

OSHA: Occupational Safety & Health Administration by Alan Sousie, RN MEd

Person Centered Care Presented by Rosaline Lee, LPN Infection Control: Simple Practices for Daily Living



Employees can see their Schedule in Generations Online. While viewing their schedule, the Caregiver can also obtain a map from their home to the Client’s location and add Field Notes. All staff can also view all the open available shifts with TLC. To access Generations please follow this LINK.

How to use Generations.

Generations Log in information:

Agency ID: TLCN6564
Email: Your email address
Password: Last Name First Initial and Year of Birth

Employee Example: Your Name is Jame Smith. Born in 1950.
Your email address is

Example to Log In to Generations:

Agency ID: TLCN6564
Email Address:
Password: SmithJ1950

Display of Schedule for Caregiver

Below is an image of what the Caregiver sees when logged into Generations.

View Available Shifts and My Calendar

Caregivers can also see a list of Available Shifts.

  • When Caregiver signs in to view Schedules, they click on the “Available Shifts” button and shifts that need to be displayed are shown; the view below shows Available shifts. To return to their Schedule, the Caregiver clicks the “My Calendar” button.
  • By using the Location drop-down menu, Caregivers can also filter the list of Available shifts to view shifts per office Location.
  • If there is an exclusion between Client and Caregiver, the Caregiver cannot see Available Shifts for that Client.

Mapping when Caregiver Views Schedule

Caregivers can click “Map” on the Schedule to review the location of their visits and directions for that day in Google Maps.

View Plan of Care

If you click on the name of the Client and the Plan of Care will open.

Visit Notes

Caregivers can be given permission to both add notes about their Client to Generations as well as read recent Visit Notes written by others regarding the Client. Any notes added by the Caregiver appear in both the Client’s and Caregiver’s file under Notes.


When a Caregiver signs in to view their Schedules in Generations, they also have the ability to indicate that Tasks were completed. They place a check mark in the box to indicate that a Task was completed. Note that the Caregiver can only update Tasks three days into the past; they cannot mark Tasks into the future or beyond three days.


The Generations app is available for download from the iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon App stores. The app has similar functionality as the mobile websites; only the method of accessing is different. Clients, Caregivers, and office staff can all use the app. You log in with your Agency ID, email address, and password. The app follows security rules established in Company Settings Security and Web Portal.

Note Regarding Devices: The app is designed to work with current technology. If you have an older model of a device that is no longer supported by the manufacturer, the app may not work for you. For example, if you have an older model of a Kindle Fire, the app would not appear in search results.

Get the app: Search for the app via search terms “Generations Homecare System” or “Integrated Database Systems,” or click the banner to get the app for your device.

How To Log In

Tap the app, enter your agency ID, your email address, and your password. Then click Login and the Home Page opens.

  • The Remember me checkbox remembers Agency ID and Email only.
  • After five minutes of inactivity you are automatically logged out of the site.

The Home Page

After you successfully login the home page is displayed.

  • Today’s Schedule: Your scheduled visits today.
  • Monthly Schedule: Your scheduled visits for the month.
  • Signatures Req’d: Any items that require a signature.
  • Notifications: Messages for you from the agency. Read immediately, then clear.
  • Telephony Messages: Messages sent from your agency. Read immediately.
  • View Available Shifts: Shifts that have not been staffed; contact the office to request further information. If there is an exclusion between Client and Caregiver, the Caregiver cannot see Available Shifts for that Client.
  • Preferences: Set your language preference or opt out of email notifications.

Today’s Schedule

This shows information for each shift that the Caregiver is scheduled for on that day.

  • Map: Tap to get a map from your location to the Client via Google Maps.
  • Login and Logout: Tap to login or logout. This only functions if your agency uses Generations Telephony and GPS visit verification. A green check mark confirms successful login or logout.
  • Caregiver Signature: If your signature is required, this is displayed.
  • Client Signature: When the Client’s signature is required, this is displayed.
  • Care Notes: Customized notes your agency has implemented. May be required.
  • Care Plan:The care plan details for this client. Tap to opens the Plan of Care for the Client associated with the shift in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format. The PDF is an application outside of Generations, so be sure to tell Caregivers to delete PDF’s off of their devices. If you are not comfortable with this, restrict Plan of Care access via the Web Portal in Company Settings.
  • Tasks: The number of tasks assigned to this scheduled visit. Touch the Tasks button to both view the list of tasks, then tap to indicate a task was performed. The Caregiver can also see frequency and notes.
  • Wellness: A way for the agency to monitor the Client’s well-being. Tap to view and answer the questions.
  • Wounds: A place to document wounds.
  • Visit Notes: Documentation about the Client.

Monthly Schedules

If you look Today’s Schedule and see the message ‘You have no schedules available” tap the Monthly View button. Days in green indicate a visit is scheduled; tap to see details.

View Available Shifts

Tap here to see shifts that need a caregiver. Contact your agency for more information about any shift.

Telephony Messages

Your agency may use this area to contact you via messaging regarding upcoming trainings, available shifts, company events, etc. Tap OK to acknowledge that you have seen the message.


The preferences allow caregivers to unsubscribe to daily schedule reminders, and change the language setting of the app.


Notifications allow the agency to quickly alert you. For example, an agency might alert you to winter driving conditions or about available shifts. Place a check mark in “resolved” to indicate that you have read the notification.


Great Pay Package. Best in the Industry!

Medical / Dental / Vision Insurance after 90 days of working at least 30 hours a week.!

Great Referral Bonus! Earn $500 for every new employee referral.

401K with Employer match

24/7 access to a Nurse to support you in caring for your clients.

Paid Time Off.

Various money-saving discounts from National and Local retailers and service providers

Group Aflac Insurance for Short Term Disability & other policies.

Continuing Education available through TLC Academy

Discount at Retailers: Verizon, Sprint, Sears Automotive, Tire Whearhouse, City Tire, Midas of South Burlington, & many more.

Paid Time Off

A TLC Employee will accumulate vacation and sick time as follows:

  • For every 1200 hours worked, the employee will receive 20 hours of paid time off.

Pay is calculated at the base pay rate for each employee. Once the 1200 hours are reached, the employee may opt to use their paid time off in any of the following ways:

  • Request time off at least 2 weeks in advance, and receive compensation for the time off (paid at employee’s base rate).
  • Carry the time over (capped at 60 hours).
  • Sell the time back to TLC at the employee’s base rate of pay.

Vacation time is not pro-rated, i.e., the employee cannot work 800 hours and request 15 hours of vacation – employee must reach 1200 hours in order to receive any paid time off.

Referral Bonus

Here are how it works… You refer potential employee and…

  • You get $50 when they get their first paycheck
  • You get another $100 when they have been here for 90 days*
  • You get another $150 when they’ve been here 6 months*
  • You get another $200 at their one-year anniversary*
  • That’s a total of $500 just because you talked about TLC Nursing and suggested to qualified folks that they apply here! Think about it – when you refer only 4 people who stay here with you for one year, you’ll be adding $2,000 to your pocket!

*Employee must work regularly – at least 4 shifts per month

Time Sheet

Timesheet MUST be faxed to the office no later than 9:00a.m. Monday morning. Please fax the Timesheet to (877) 867-9432 *Payroll will be delayed by two weeks if the timesheet is received after the deadline. There will be a $35 payroll processing fee for delayed timesheets


Yes, you do. The application process for most states is fairly simple and straightforward – you can easily search for and find the information for a particular state online.

We pay weekly, every Friday, or via direct deposit. Our pay period runs Sunday through Saturday, so anything after midnight on a Saturday overnight shift would fall onto the following pay period’s check.

We do provide housing (or a housing allowance if you prefer to do that yourself), and the housing is private. If a particular assignment included housing, which would need to be shared with another traveler, we would inform you ahead of time so that you can consider that in your decision-making process.

We have three offices throughout Vermont and one office in New Hampshire. However, we do have travel assignments throughout the country.

The type of facility we work with primarily is Long Term Care facilities. We also work with correctional facilities, hospitals, and clinics.

We pay our travelers as much as we can and all of them are paid the same for the same position. This ensures that everyone is being compensated fairly, consistently, and competitively.

Of course! You are our employee, even if the nature of the assignment doesn’t afford us with the opportunity to see one another regularly. You can reach out to your recruiter or the relevant department when needed. You can reach us by phone, email, or even come into our office if it’s something you’d like to address in person.

You can extend for another 13 weeks! If the facility you’re currently working at no longer has a need for additional staffing support, we can arrange for a contract elsewhere. You can extend your contracts back-to-back if you’d like to take some time to return home before starting the additional contract, you can do that as well.

You sure can! We can try to arrange for housing which is pet-friendly. If there are any pet-related fees, however, they would be your responsibility. We also inquire about the type of housing you would need and can try to find housing to accommodate other members of your family. If we’re unable to fulfill your needs, we can provide you with a monthly housing allowance so that you could make the arrangements to ensure that you get what you’re looking for.

You bet! Make sure we know who this friend is and you’ll get a referral bonus.