Referral Program

Earn Up To $500 For Referrals*

Bring A Buddy Bonus
Here’s how it works… You refer a potential employee to TLC and…

  • You get $50 when they get their first paycheck
  • You get another $100 when they have been here for 90 days**
  • You get another $150 when they’ve been here 6 months**
  • You get another $200 at their one-year anniversary**
  • That’s a total of $500 just because you talked about TLC HomeCare and suggested to qualified folks that they apply here!

    Think about it – when you refer only 4 people who stay with TLC HomeCare for one year, you’ll be adding $2,000 to your pocket!

*Terms apply, contact us for more details.

**Employee must work regularly – at least 4 shifts per month.