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Team TLC


CEO, Founder, Nurse

“We want to be a part of this community and when you’re part of a community you take care of each other.”

Mohamed is the CEO and founder of TLC. From an early age, he was driven to perform above and beyond as the eldest in a large family. His first career goals were in the computer technology industry but the seclusion of working in front of a computer in an office could not satisfy his desire for human connection.  He was introduced to the nursing field on an off-chance meeting while driving taxis for his father’s company. The person he drove that day was a traveling nurse and her story would alter the course of his career. He enrolled in Nursing school and continued working as much as he could to help finance his medical training. That’s how he met Sally, the mother of a man who would offer him jobs here and there including helping with his mother during the summers on their weekend trips. Caring for Sally was instrumental in opening his eyes to the need of caregivers in Vermont and New Hampshire. With the help of Sally’s business savvy and kindness, Mohamed did everything he could to start an agency that could give the right care to the right people at the right time and TLC was born.

Sharon Clow

Payroll and Billing Supervisor

“Here at TLC, we are a great team. At the end of the day, we are leaning towards the same goal of helping the elderly when they need our help, so they don’t feel any more confused or worried than they already are.”

Sharon is in charge of payroll and billing for TLC. She manages payroll with employees and helps families with billing paperwork. This means getting started with long term care and helping them to understand their invoices. As the youngest of 9 kids to older parents, she understands how to communicate with the elderly generation, so they are not confused or worried over the paperwork side of homecare. This process can be extremely daunting and confusing but she helps talk clients through it while addressing any concerns so they can have peace of mind. Sharon has over 20 years of experience in payroll and billing.

Abi Ambekar

Business Manager

“I grew up with my grandparents and always felt that the care they received was not adequate and I hoped that someday I would be able to make a difference to the services that people get.”

As the Business Manager, Abi has been a key figure since the inception of TLC. He is involved with every aspect of the business from staffing contracts with facilities, to managing client accounts, payroll, human resources and recruiting. Growing up in a large family, Abi witnessed first-hand the difficulty in providing care for his own grandparents and has made it his personal mission to help improve the care available to the elderly in our community. He has been crucial to TLC’s incredible growth over the years and is proud of our ability to meet the needs of those in our community.

Abi holds a master’s degree from Clemson University

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Senior Client Care Coordinator

My father was in the ministry for over 60 years and I was always endeared to the elders in the community”

As the Senior Client Care Coordinator, Robin helps prospective and current clients “make sense of the chaos”. She speaks with prospective clients and families to establish care and current clients and caregivers to provide service and ensure continuity of care. Growing up in a large family with a lot of elderly, Robin understands how to help makes sense of and navigate this difficult time. Her goal is ensuring people can get loving care and maintain their dignity and feeling of security by being able to stay in their homes.

Robin has over 15 years of experience in homecare including working within the Senior Care Community in Vermont, New Hampshire, and the Mid-Atlantic states.

Anne Blackburn

TLC Nurse Case Manager

“I’m always looking for a way to do things better.”

Anne brings 39 years of nursing experience to TLC. As the Case Manager, she knows she is making a difference in someone’s life when she is admitting new clients and conducting their reassessments to ensure they are being perfectly matched with our caregivers and getting the best care possible. At TLC, Anne’s experience is recognized and valued. She feels she is heard, able to implement her ideas to make everything run more smoothly and continuously strives to come up with new ways to make the clients and caregivers have the best experience possible.

Jeanne Galiano

Director of Human Resources

“In everything that we do, when we are recruiting and hiring, I always think about my family and how I would want them to be treated.”

Jeanne is the head of the Human Resources department which is in charge of finding the best people to give the best care to our clients. With Vermont’s aging population, finding the right caregivers is a fast-paced and challenging endeavor. As the daughter of parents in their 70s, Jeanne understands the importance of recruiting people who she would feel comfortable taking care of her own family. She ensures the right people are recruited and hired and that TLC’s caregivers are supported with counseling, by addressing their questions and concerns, handling payroll, benefits, and schedules. In order to get the best people, TLC goes above and beyond for their employees.

Nurse Case Manager

“Working with the visiting nurses, I knew I could make a difference.”

As one of our Nurse Case Managers, Nancy knows she is making a difference in someone’s life when she is admitting new clients and conducting their reassessments to ensure they are being perfectly matched with our caregivers and getting the best care possible. Nancy believes, in order for clients to get the care they need, the caregivers need to be trained. Homecare is so important and having the right people is key to that. She knew she wanted to help take care of elderly people and has always been drawn to them after taking care of her own grandmother alongside her visiting nurses. Nancy brings 35 years of nursing experience to TLC with a background in coronary care, outpatient and school district nursing.

Robert Ellis

Regional Vice President NH and Southern Vermont

“When a family calls, it’s extremely rewarding to tell them about our history, how long we’ve been doing this, promise them a certain level of service and be able to deliver on that promise. I love being a part of that culture.”

Robert has had an extensive and successful career in the healthcare industry. As TLC’s Regional Vice President, he manages day to day operations in the upper valley of New Hampshire and Vermont, working with referral resources and on strategic planning for TLC’s growth. With both of his parents gone, the people he worries about the most are the frail elderly. He understands the fierce determination and independence elderly New Englanders are known for. With TLC’s nursing oversight, Robert believes families can have confidence in care without hindering or getting in the way of their loved ones living their best lives. Robert has worked in healthcare his whole life since the age of 18 starting off in clinical radiology, moving into hospital administration, then the industry side with companies such as General Electric and Sony Electronics. His most recent experience before TLC was as Director of Marketing and Business at the Visiting Nurses Association (VNA).

Lauren Morelli

On Call Supervisor

“Not everybody has a somebody and I wanted to be that somebody for them.”

Lauren helps us meet our total commitment to care by covering anything that comes up after hours. From a young age, she learned what it was like to care for the elderly through her grandparents. She saw that they were able to receive that individual family care that everyone deserves but aren’t always able to get from family members. Being at TLC, she feels that she can make a difference and be that family member for others as she was for her own grandparents. From making sure the right caregivers are with the right clients, to answering questions, she is one of the people ensuring TLC is always there for you and your loved ones around the clock.

Lauren is a New Englander from Brookline, NH and has over 15 years of nursing experience including in nursing homes, cardiology, medical research, and homecare.

Mallory Walling

Human Resources Coordinator

“When recruiting and hiring, I am looking for passion. I try to find people that I would want to go into my house and take care of my grandmother.”

Mallory is a key member of the Human Resources Staff and is in charge of recruiting, screening, hiring and assisting with the onboarding process for new staff. She grew up in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont with her centenarian grandmother in her childhood home. She has seen first-hand what caring for an independent elderly loved one should look like and she strives to provide the same loving family care for those in our community who are not lucky enough to have family around as her grandmother did. She believes that, when looking for new caregivers, self-taught skills, passion, and enthusiasm are very important. She says, “This isn’t just a job, you have to really love what you do to be a caregiver.”

Mallory holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Management from Vermont Technical College and is pursuing ongoing education in human resources and mental health counseling.

Katelynn Audette

Operations and Integration Manager

“Hospitality is in my blood and I bring those skills here where I feel like I’ve changed people’s lives when I go home every day.”

Katelynn works directly with our Operations team and CEO to streamline procedures and boost morale throughout the whole company. With a bachelor’s degree in Health Science from the University of Vermont and after 15 years in the hospitality industry, she brings her skills to run TLC smoothly and efficiently. She checks in with clients and caregivers to ensure TLC is meeting both of their needs through appreciation, knowledge and great communication. After all, if the caregivers are not being taken care of, how are they expected to provide the first-class care TLC is known for to our clients?

When checking in with one client, Katelynn was amazed to find that after initially feeling hesitant about receiving care, just a month and a half later, the client was begging her not to take away her (TLC) family. As Katelynn says, “The fact that our company is caring for someone, at a point where they are feeling their lowest, to then making them feel loved is amazing.”

Wendy Bombard

TLC Educator and Clinic Supervisor

“I don’t even feel like I should be paid. I get so excited!”

Wendy has been a registered nurse for over 20 years. She knew at a young age that she wanted to be a nurse and, since being at TLC, she also discovered her love of teaching. As the TLC Educator, she built the LNA course especially for TLC, teaches Patient Care Attendant (PCA), runs orientation for new employees, provides one-on-one training for the caretakers and runs the community support groups for Alzheimer’s which is available free to the community. As the Clinic Supervisor, she oversees three different facilities. Her duties are as a clinic nurse and case manager in all three buildings. She also runs a separate foot care business where she provides the invaluable service of toenail cutting and pedicures for the elderly.

Wendy sings opera and she brings that confidence of being on stage to everything she does. She absolutely loves working with and talking with people and TLC has allowed her to reach her full potential which has led her to be able to wear so many different hats at TLC.

Charles Blankenship

Senior Travel Recruiter

“The hard part is finding the right person for the right job.”

Charles is one of our remote workers from West Virginia responsible for the recruitment and hiring of new caregivers. Growing up, his mother was a traveling nurse and a Red Cross Instructor, so he learned early on what it takes to be a caregiver. As a teenager, he was certified in CPR and First Aid and spent his summers volunteering at his local nursing home. He enjoyed being around his “cantankerous” elders with their practical jokes and funny stories. Breaking from a 10-year career as a programmer, Charles enjoys the personal connections he is able to make now with TLC. He knows how difficult the work can be as a caregiver and has a keen eye for finding the right people.

Kat Bergeron

Front Office Coordinator

“I’ve always lived with my Mimi (grandmother) in my house and because of my relationship with her, I have a love for the senior community”

As the front office coordinator, Kat is the face and voice of TLC. She works alongside the Human Resources department and the CEO to assist in administrative work, company projects, and assignments. As a Vermonter, born and raised, Kat has a deep appreciation and love for our senior community. She understands the joy and value of connecting with a community she believes is often undervalued and overlooked. Along with her extensive background in communication and customer service, Kat is certified as a Personal Care Attendant and understands first-hand the level of care and communication our elderly community deserves.

Pamela Issenman

Human Resources Manager

“One of the most rewarding parts of my position is helping our clients through supporting our caregivers who work so hard to make sure our clients are getting the best care possible.”

Pam is a vital member of TLC’s Human Resources Department. She is responsible for finding new caregivers through recruiting, screening, conducting interviews and ensuring caregivers are settling in with periodic follow-up check-ins. Pam has had a lifetime love for the elderly, growing up in a family where her grandfather was a pillar and her grandmother continues to be a huge influence in her life. She understands the frustration of being fiercely independent with a sharp mind while suffering deteriorating health. She has worked as a concierge at a senior living facility where she did everything from driving the seniors to church to serving meals in the kitchen. Now, she helps our caregivers feel appreciated and cared for through face-to-face appreciation events and recognition programs. She also acts as a point of contact for caregiver support in addition to her primary hiring and recruiting duties. Pam has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a master’s degree in Social Work.

Joyce Zhuo
Payroll and Billing Assistant

“I am happiest when I am helping people and it feels good to do what I do because this whole company is going to help the elderly.”

Joyce is the Payroll and Billing Assistant at TLC so she has a direct connection with the caregivers as she helps them with their timesheets and any other issues that may come up. Her background is in accounting and she was a member of the Association of Chartered Accountants of Britain. She has a long been dedicated to volunteer work with the elderly in her community and needy children. In college, she was part of the volunteer association where she helped care for the elderly in a long-term care facility. She would accompany the elderly, walking and talking with them as well as serving food and providing special care for those with illnesses and long-term diseases. Joyce understands first-hand the level of care she wants to help provide for people she has grown to love. At TLC, she feels the comfort and harmony of being a part of a company who is helping make a difference in people’s lives.

Travel Experience Coordinator (Recruiter)

“I’ve always had a real soft spot in my heart for the elderly community.”

Theresa is one of our remote team members and is originally from Texas. She is responsible for finding the right caregivers to bring onboard our ever-expanding team. She knows what it takes to be a good fit because she was raised by her own grandparents. You can see Theresa’s favorite things about visiting New England on TLCs recruitment pages on Facebook and Instagram.

Theresa lives in West Virginia and has extensive experience in customer service, including healthcare customer service.

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HomeCare Coordinator

“I learn something new every day.”

As our Home Care Coordinator, Shifa works closely with scheduling and ensuring caregivers are assigned for every shift. She was born in the U.S. and spent most of her life in India where she received her BS in Clinical Science and is excited to return to New England. She knew she wanted to work with the elderly when she had her internship at a hospital. She saw the elderly who didn’t have anyone and wanted to make a difference. Shifa wanted to bring her empathy and care to TLC where she could make a direct influence in their lives. At TLC, she knows that it feels like family here because people really care about their elderly family members and each other.