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Every Senior Needs Assessment and Assistance

Mohamed Basha
RN CMC Founder and CEO of TLC Nursing Association
Updated July 19, 2023

Getting older may mean we acquire illnesses and conditions that will challenge how we live. TLC Nursing Associates, Inc. is a trusted provider of Healthcare Staffing Services throughout Vermont and New Hampshire. Working together with local medical providers, TLC Nursing Associates can provide a list of recommended tests that seniors should have done. The list will also provide the suggested frequency for each test.

These tests, along with routine examinations by primary care providers, are not only useful for seniors to screen for and monitor illnesses, but the combination helps seniors to live healthier lives.

For example, as we age our bone mass may diminish. Diminished bone mass means a weakened carrying capacity of the bones. Older people with diminished bone mass are more likely to fall and break a bone. Preventatively hiring a TLC Nursing Assistant in Vermont or New Hampshire should help reduce the risk of a fall by your senior loved ones. And, if an older person does get injured during a fall, having a Personal Care Assistant or Licensed Nursing Assistant hired from TLC HomeCare could be helpful to the person during recovery at home or in a facility.

Another important screening test would be a hearing test. Hearing loss usually increases with age. This loss affects our ability to enjoy the environments we encounter, to communicate effectively and to maintain our personal safety. Often, seniors are unable to manage hearing aids independently or don’t remember to wear them. This is a situation when having a Vermont or New Hampshire, TLC HomeCare caregiver available to help with personal care tasks like hearing aid maintenance will be a blessing in disguise. Why not contact one of our offices in South Burlington, Rutland, and Barre VT or in West Lebanon, NH to inquire about getting a caregiver?

As an advocate for seniors, we offer renowned Home Care throughout Vermont and the Upper Valley Region of New Hampshire. Some families have changed their homes to cater to the needs of a specific family member. In many cases that meant getting a professional caregiver from TLC Homecare to assist the senior member, and thereby give them more companionship and social engagement. The outcome of this decision usually resulted in less loneliness for the senior.

Clearly keeping aging loved ones at home, feeling safe and comfortable, is challenging. But TLC Nursing Associates in Vermont and New Hampshire will make a difference to the success of overcoming challenges. TLC Homecare in Burlington, VT can help seniors more easily complete projects that are challenging to achieve with aging bodies and minds. With TLC’s help, seniors are more likely to achieve success in activities of daily living and extracurricular activities and feeling successful will add meaning and quality to their lives. Go ahead and call now to TLC’s Headquarters in South Burlington VT to find the help you need or to contact TLC about job training and employment.