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Travel Nurse Career Guide: Factors That Affect Your Salary

Mohamed Basha
RN CMC Founder and CEO of TLC Nursing Association
Updated November 22, 2023
Career Guide: Factors That Affect Your Salary

Working as a traveling licensed practical nurse in Rutland, Vermont provides many opportunities for personal and career growth. It as a great way to build your career while enjoying what a new location has to offer. When it comes to salary, travel nurses can earn up to $50 per hour along with other perks, such as paid housing accommodations, travel allowance, and more.

If you are considering a career as a traveling registered nurse in West Lebanon, New Hampshire, we at TLC Nursing Associates, Inc. will share the factors that affect salary:

  • LocationWhen working as a traveling licensed nursing assistant in South Burlington, Vermont, location is one of the key factors affecting salary. Pay rates in certain states reflect the cost of living as well, which is another aspect you should consider when choosing between locations.
  • Shift When you are signing up with a nursing agency in South Burlington, Vermont, you will likely discuss shifts before taking on the role. Unsurprisingly, night shift assignments offer a higher salary for travel nurses. So, if you work best in providing patient care at night, you can opt for the night shift instead.
  • SpecializationWhen looking for travel nursing jobs in Vermont, your area of specialization also has an impact on your salary. For instance, non-specialty nurses normally receive lower pay compared to specialized nurses. Moreover, having past work experience or training for highly sought-after skills increases your pay rate by a significant amount as well.
  • AgencyThere are many agencies specializing in healthcare staffing services in Berlin, Vermont. Due to this, your salary will also depend on the agency that handles your employment as different companies offer various perks, such as company-paid housing and transportation.