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Summer 2013 News Letter

LC Newsletter
Volume 3, Issue 2 April 2013
MARK YOUR CALENDARS: Mandatory Quarterly Staff Meetings.
We are very excited to announce that we will hold our first Quarterly Meeting on Thursday, May 9th in South Burlington, and on Thursday, May 16th at our Lebanon office. WE LISTENED when you asked for training, and these meetings will give us an opportunity to provide some great EDUCATIONAL OPPORTUNITIES. It will also provide a chance for you to get to know the TLC staff and your fellow caregivers and nurses, and even win PRIZES. We are also working on some exciting new EMPLOYEE BENEFITS which will be announced at the meetings. Attendance at one of the scheduled meetings will be MANDATORY, and there will be several options. The morning sessions will be from 10 AM -1PM (yes, refreshments will be served). If you prefer, you can attend the afternoon session which will run from 4PM-7PM (refreshments also served). If your shift crosses both meeting times, Courtney or Sue will make arrangements so that you can attend.
The May 9th meetings will be at the TLC offices at 56 West Twin Oaks Terrace, Suite 1 in South Burlington. The May 16th meetings will be at our Lebanon office, located at 2 West Park Street, Suite 221.
We will be contacting everyone over the next couple of weeks, so start thinking about which one you would like to attend.
Effective April 28th at 12:01am all employee’s doing “Home Care” MUST use a new phone number to clock in and out. The new # is 877-978-3515. Please make sure the old number is not posted anywhere in the clients homes. Any questions please contact the office! Thanks!
In our ongoing efforts to improve the quality of our service and to make your jobs easier, we are making a change to our telephony system. You will receive a sticker with the new number on it. Please place it on the back of your name badge so you will have it with you at all times. The procedure when clocking in and out from the client’s phone will not change, but, IF YOU HAVE A SMARTPHONE, you will now be able to clock in and out WITH ONE TOUCH, using the GPS in your phone. Instructions will be included when you receive the new phone number.
We wish all of our April & May Babies Many More Returns of The Day!
April Babies: Beauregard, Marie; Medar, Amra; Thurber, Tina; Sourdiff, Carol; Fifield Washburn, Pamela; Ferro, Ashlie; Smith, Stephenie; August, Donna; Oforiwaa, Debbie; Converse, Sheila; Singelais, Brandi; Maitner, Geraldine; Brodeur, Cori; Farnham, Kathryn; Coderre, Debra; Phypers, Margaret
May Babies: Kenny, Robyn; Oussaid, Nasreddine; Call, Debra; Tucker, Jeffrey; McShane, Carol; Isijola, Austin; Remillard, Kathleen; Ayotte, Linda; Drown, Kaela; Carlisle, Amie; Hosefros, Vanessa; Dames, Sally; McGrath, Gail; Moran, Marion; Thibodeau, Judy; Ezzo, Angela
Introducing the Caregiver and Client Mobile Sites

The Generations Mobile Site was built from the ground up and specifically designed for phones, tablets, and other mobile devices.
The site automatically re-sizes to fit your phone or tablet screen. Because no scrolling is necessary, the site is an efficient and easy way to work while out in the field.
We are already working on the mobile site for office staff, and anticipate a release later this year. Native app versions of the sites will also be available for popular mobile systems including IOS and Android.
The Generations Mobile Site is accessed at https://mobile.idb-sys.com

Caregiver Mobile Site Overview View schedules
View and complete tasks assigned to the schedules
View and enter visit notes
View plan of care
Verify they arrive and depart using GPS (see below for more information)

Caregiver GPS Visit Verification
By combining Global Positioning System (GPS) technology, Generations Telephony, and any GPS-enabled device, TLC can now verify without a doubt that the Caregiver has arrived at the Client’s home.
1. When you arrive at the Client’s home and signs into https://mobile.idb-sys.com using a GPS-enabled device like a smartphone. Then select the appropriate schedule, and press login.
2. GPS obtains the exact coordinates of your location and sends it to Generations database where TLC can be alerted if the location is wrong.
3. To logout/punchout, you have to repeats the same process: sign into mobile site, select schedule, hit logout.

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