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TLC Education Seminars Schedule

2018 Educational Seminars

Coping with Mental Illness
By: Sharon McCarthy

2017 Educational Seminars

Bloodborne Pathogens in All Settings by Alan Sousie

Conflict Resolution Personally and Professionally by Sharon McCarthy

Caregiver Use of Social Media
by Alan Sousie, RN BSN MEd

Understanding Agoraphobia and Other Anxiety Disorders
by Sharon McCarthy.

 Honoring All Faith, Religions & Spiritual Understandings, Sincerity of the Heart
By: Sharon McCarthy

What Matters Most at the End of Life
By: Alan Sousie, RN MEd

10 Absolutes of Dementia Care
By: Alan Sousie, RN MEd

2016 TLC Educational Seminars

Memory is the Treasure and Guardian of All Things
By: Sharon McCarthy

OSHA Slide Presentation June 2016OSHA: Occupational Safety & Health Administration
By: Alan Sousie, RN BSN MEd
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Positive Responses in Relation to Anger
By: Sharon McCarthy

HIPAA Training Power Point 2016.pptx
HIPAA Training
By: Alan Sousie, RN BSN MEd
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2015 TLC Educational Seminars

Person Centered Care
Presented by Rosaline Lee, LPN
Infection Control: Simple Practices for Daily Living


Correcting Dysfunction
Presented by Sharon McCarthy

Infection Control
Presented by Cathy Johnson, RN
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Accountability VS. Shame
By: Sharon McCarthy

What is Forgiveness?
Presented by Sharon McCarthy

Knowing and Keeping Personal/Professional Boundaries
Presented by Susan Torchia, RN BSN
Participants will learn about when, where, why, what and how to know and
keep personal and professional boundaries.

Understanding Depression
Presented by: Jean Jordan, RN

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Not Just a Military Effect.
Presented by: Sharton McCarthy
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2014 Seminars

Adult Abuse. Presented by Vermont Adult Protective Services

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