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How to Use Generations


Employees can see their Schedule in Generations Online. While viewing their schedule, the Caregiver can also obtain a map from their home to the Client’s location and add Field Notes.  All staff can also view all the open available shifts with TLC.

To access Generations please follow this LINK.

Generations Log in information:
Agency ID:   TLCN6564
Email:      Your email address
Password:      Last Name First Initial and Year of Birth

Employee Example:  Your Name is Jame Smith. Born in 1950. Your email address is

Example to Log In to Generations:
Agency ID:            TLCN6564
Email Address:
Password:             SmithJ1950

Schedule for Caregiver


Mapping when Caregiver Views Schedule

Caregivers can click “Map All” on the Schedule to review the location of their visits and directions for that day in Google Maps.

Visit Notes


Caregivers can both add notes about their Client to Generations as well as read recent Visit Notes written by others regarding the Client. See Master Lists – Note Type for additional information. Any notes added by the Caregiver appear in both the Client’s and Caregiver’s file under Notes.

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