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Employee FAQs

  1. What do I do if I can’t make it to the client’s home? Weather/Road Closures/Sick family/Employee sick.
    • You must give notice 2 days prior to a 24-hour shift.
    • You must call 16hrs before a 12hr shift.
    • You must call 8hrs before an 8hr shift.
    • If your shift starts at 6am or 7am you must call us 24hrs prior.
    • You are only to call the office. After speaking with the on-call coordinator, you may call the client
    • If you call out sick a doctor’s note is to be faxed to the office.
    • 1 call out will result in a verbal notice.
    • 3 call outs will result in a written notice.
    • NO call/NO show, will need to come in to office.
  2. What is the pay for the job offered? How often do I get paid?
    • Pay day is every 2 weeks. We have a call in system. If you do not call in and out from each client’s home your hours will not be recorded and you will not get paid for your time.
    • Pay day is every 2 weeks. Checks get sent out on Fridays.
    • You will have to submit a Time Sheet if you forget to call in and out. This will have to be put in for the next pay period.
  3. How do I report my hours?
    • The employee needs to call the number provided so their time can be recorded to be processed for payroll. This is done for homecare clients & nursing home clients.
    • The employee must use the client’s telephone.
    • When the employee is working at a Facility they must provide a timesheet with the immediate supervisor’s signature confirming worked hours. This sheet needs to be faxed into the office no later than 9 am Monday morning for the prior work week.
  4. What number do I call for client emergencies?
    • For emergencies please call 911. For issues and problems, please call the office at 802-735-1123 or 603-678-4950.
  5. Do I have to write anything down for my client?
    • At each homecare client there is a care plan written up in a white folder and a hard covered documentation book. You are to document what you have done for that client while you have been with them. This is to be done every 2 hours. You are not to write your feelings about the client in the book. This is a documentation that gets sent to insurance companies.
  6. When do I get my review for pay increase?
    • Reviews are done 3 months after the date of hire and one year after the date of hire.
  7. Do you have health insurance?
    • Yes. Our health insurance is through VACE BlueCross BlueShield.
  8. What is the Facility’s Policies for Time Sheet?
    • When you are working at a Facility you are going to have to fill out a time sheet. This can be provided by the facility as long as they have them available. We will provide you with a few to make copies from upon hire. These time sheets need to be signed by the immediate supervisor to confirm your time worked.
    • The callout procedures are the same as TLC’s, reference above.
    • Time sheets need to be in by 9 am Monday, reference above.
  9. What is TLC’s Dress Code?
    • No blue jeans allowed.
    • No facial piercings.
    • No hoop ear piercing.
    • Khaki style pants are allowed.
    • Polo shirts preferred, a nice, decent non see-through shirt required.
  10. What is the Non-compete Contract?
    • When you are working for TLC you will not be able to work for any of the clients we have sent you to on a private basis. You have signed a contract with us and so has the client. If the client asks you to work for them, you are to contact TLC immediately. This is mandated for period of one year after your last day of work at TLC Nursing.  Please contact the office if you need further clarification on this matter.
  11. Issues, Concerns or Problems
    • Any issues, concerns, or problems need to be directed to TLC. You are not to discuss any of these thoughts with the client or client’s family.
    • You are to call the office and set up a time to come in and discuss what the situation is and resolve it.
  12. Can I help clients with their book keeping such as paying bills or writing checks?
    • You are NOT allowed to help with any financial (money) situations with any of TLC’s clients.
  13. What is TLC’s orientation process with new clients?
    • You will be set up to meet and greet the client and client’s family. The client will be contacted to see which employee they want to come into their home and take care of the family member. You will be called back into the office to go over the care plan before entering into the client’s home. Questions and Answers will occur at this time. You will be given a schedule and a start date at this time.
  14. What should I do with the client during down time (when I am not doing anything for the client?
    • TLC requires our caregivers to be productive with our client.
    • TLC asks when you go over the care plan, and the care plan asks for activity for the client, that you come up with a list of activities to do and present them to the client.
    • You cannot sit and watch TV or be on the internet while on duty.
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