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24/7 Live-In Care

24/7 Live-In Care

24/7 Live In Care Services


Seniors who need someone to be with them around-the-clock, but are able to allow the Caregiver to adequately sleep at night, will require a live-in Caregiver. Live-in Caregivers work a few days at a time.

TLC Caregiver does not actually “live” with the senior, but will go to their own home between shifts. Typically a team of two Caregivers will rotate days to provide the client with a consistent team. The client is required to provide food for the Caregiver and a place for them to sleep. Usually a food delivery service is used or a family member or the Nurse Case Manager will provide grocery shopping services.

If Hospice is involved in the care, they will work with the live-in Caregiver to provide training. It is important for the senior client to be comfortable with someone sharing their home. If the client’s medical condition changes and they need the Caregiver to regularly be up with them at night, then it will be necessary to switch to around-the-clock hourly care.

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